2 Quick Tips for Healthy Living you can Start ToDay! 1

2 Quick Tips for Healthy Living you can Start ToDay!

1. Healthy Living Food Choices

Healthy Food Choices: Local vs. Organic

There are two new healthy food choices for those who are concerned about eating right, and a healthy lifestyle.  A new debate has sprung up in recent months about the relative merits of organic food vs. local food. Many people, if they answered without thinking about it, would probably assume that local and organic are the same thing. But, in fact, they are not. Not all organic food is grown locally; not all local food is grown organically. So what is local food, what is organic food, and–most pertinent question of them all–which is better for healthy living?

Locally Grown Foods

The standard definition is food grown within 50 miles of the place where it is eaten, although some definitions call for a stricter 30 miles, and others are lax and allow for 100 or even 200 miles.

Organic Foods

Organic food, on the other hand, is food grown without using herbicides, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers. Much organic food originates in California, which means it isn’t local for most of the country. It also means that in order for your “organic” food to be shipped to your grocery store, huge amounts of fossil fuels to store and transport this organic food, sometimes all the way across the country. The food, when it arrives, is no longer at its peak of freshness, and even though you might not ingest any chemicals in eating it, the earth has.

Looking at it strictly from the standpoint of what you put into your mouth, the organic food would at first seem to be better. Broadening our view to take in the damage done to the earth by transporting it so far shows that this may not always be the case. But even taking the narrow view holds some surprises; advocates of eating locally rather than organically would say that because food depreciates, in a sense, when it’s no longer at the peak of its freshness, the food you put into your mouth no longer has the same nutrient content as the local food, which hasn’t traveled as far, but has been grown using chemicals.

At the end, which of the two options is better is purely a personal choice. Only one thing is certain. Of the two healthy food choices, the best choice is finding organic food grown locally, and eating that.

Healthy Snacks
Healthy Snacks

2. Healthy Living Food Meals

How to Cook Fantastic Healthy Food Meals

Despite popular opinion, cooking healthy food meals do not require a degree in culinary education. There are plenty of quick and easy ways that you can cook a meal for your family or friends that are both tasty and perfectly good for you without having to use expensive ingredients or difficult French cooking techniques. So what do you say, isn’t it about time that you stopped serving boxed frozen food and instead focused on foods that are good for you and your family? Now is as good of a time as any to start cooking totally healthy meals.

The secret to cooking healthy meals that are good to eat and good for you is to stop using so many fattening ingredients and totally abandon all of those boxed meals that you see in your grocery store’s frozen section. Sure, those meals are tasty and easy – but most of them are not good for you whatsoever. Instead, learn how to cook meals that are quick, easy, taste great, and can be cooked on a budget by just about anyone. Remember that healthy food, while it does cost a bit more than food that is not good for you, does not have to raise your grocery bill significantly.

Start with three things

Any time you are looking to cook a healthy meal for your family; you should always start with three things – lean meats, various herbs, and fruits or vegetables. With these three different types of ingredients, you can make a huge variety of different dishes – almost all of which are extremely healthy for your family. You will get all of the proteins and some of the vitamins and minerals that you need from the meat, and the rest of the vitamins and minerals that you and your family needs from the vegetables and herbs – without all of the fat of a typical meal. And honestly, that is all there is to cooking a variety of healthy food meals.

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